Sun measure sensor


I have some screens connected to VMB2BLE modules but want to make this automatic, by measure the sun light on that side.

I know, there is a velbus meteo station… but that’s overkill, i don’t need wind or rain. All screens are resistent to wind and rain. I only need a little sun measuring sensor.

There is already a VMB7IN in the installation for this, somebody experience with “sun measuring” sensors?

Is only LUX enough? I have also two VMBPIROW connected, these could also measure lux (?).

Somebody experience without the “Up-Down” effect each 5 minutes.



The very easiest and most adjustable solution is the meteo device, but I understand what you’re asking.

I use a really simple LDR sensor via a NPN transistor across the inputs of a VMB7IN to pick up the led pulses on my electricity meter.

With a little playing around with trimming variable resistor at the point of dusk, you might get lucky.

Does that help?



The VMBPIRO cannot be used to measure daytime light, they are designed to work in the dusk/dawn range. (In full daylight they will be saturated). The same goes for VMBPIRM and VMBPIRC by the way.