Sunrise/sunset programs not working in velbuslink 8.5

I configured a sunrise/sunset program on a vmb6pbn bushbutton module.

But it seems that the program is never executing the pushbutton press.
Althought if i test it manually (simulating a pushbutton press with velbuslink) the pushbutton seems to work.

I’m using not connected pushbuttons, i ahve a 4 fold niko button, but and using the alst 4 channels for sinrise/sunset.

Any idea how to debug?

no response from velleman?

it seems that they are selecting the correct state, after the power on/ power of of the bus

Make sure to check that the channels are not disabled or locked and make sure that the sunrise/sunset function is properly enabled.

  • channels response time is set to "imediatly’
  • channels are all unlocked
  • programming steps for all channels are enabled
  • program 1 is set as active (the one programmed)
  • sunrise/sunset is enabled
  • actions in the program ares (press)

Further testing makes us believe that the beta-version of Velbuslink is at the cause of troubles.
An official release is planned for next week.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

even now, with the new released software 8.5, its not working …

same problem, sunrise/sunset programs are only run on power-up of the device …

Please try this new build:

Normally it should work correctly now, you can post your comment…

yeah, with that build everything works correctly :slight_smile: