I have 3 sunscreens installed in house and i installed a meter that measures the amount of Lux (amount of Sunshine)
i want it for my screens to go down automatic when a specific amount of sunshine is reached.

the meter can switch on and off: when the amount of sunshine is reached or when the sunshine is gone
the meter is linked with VMB7IN: when the sunshine is reached, the VMB7IN turns on. When the amount of sunshine is gone, the VMB7IN turns off.

i dont know much about programming: what function in vmb7in can i use in velbuslink to automic let my sunscreen go down and up?

Another litle question: i have 2 computers. on the 1st computer when i configure my modules and when i create a new image to give a name in the led display: the text is allways bold. On the other computer i can type the text in normal layout or in bold.
i use the same type of Velbuslink on the 2 computers. I dont know how come?

For the sunscreens, you will have to configure an action between the sun meter channel of your VMB7IN and the blind module (for instance VMB2BLE) as follows:

  • initiator: light meter channel of VMB7IN
  • subject: sunscreen channel(s) of VMB2BLE
  • action: according to your needs (direct down, go to position, …).

Concerning the bold/not bold text on your OLED: first of all make sure “use bold text” is unchecked (in the VelbusLink bitmap editor).
Apart from that, it may also depend on the Windows DPI setting of your screen.
In Windows 7, the setting is at: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display. There you can set your screen dpi to 100%, 125% or 150% (or a custom value). According to these settings, the bitmap you write to the OLEDs may be affected.

Regarding the sunscreen, i have the same type of system. I can manage it to automatically lower the screen when a certain amount of sunlight is counted via the lux meter.

But is it also possible to let the screen go up when the sunshine is gone. Can i configure these 2 functions at once? Could you please give me a step by step instruction how to do this.
I just cant find the right solution… It is one thing to lower the screen, but i really want them to go automatically up when the sun is gone (when the lux meter reaches a value below the one i set up).

Thx in advanxe!

The basic setup to do this, would be to configure the following two actions between initiator VMB7IN (CH1) and **subject VMB2BLE **(CH1)

  1. Direct down (nr.5)
  2. Direct up at release (nr.3)
    assuming that
  • the luxmeter is connected to VMB7IN CH1 (and is on when the sun is bright and off when sunlight is low) , and
  • the sunscreen is on VMB2BLE CH1.

Action 1 would make the sunscreen go down when the luxmeter goes on; action 2 would make the suncreens go back up when the luxmeter goes off (release).
As always, variations and alternatives are possible as needed.