Support request - velbus suddenly down after 3y

I’ve using Velbus in my home for 3y now and yesterday suddenly all stopped working.
I don’t know the root cause (maybe power peak due to lightning) but I don’t see any visible damage.
I tried to isolate the problem by splitting the bus in smaller parts and performed following tests.

  • The local inputs of relais VMB4RY are luckely still working (power led still fine)
  • With the VMB1USB I can detect TVMB1TS and TVMB4PD if no VMBRY in the bus

With VMB4RY I receive error:
The Velbus network could not handle the current traffic load and has entered an erroneous state.

I tried several combinations with terminators on/off 1 & 2 terminators, 1 & 2 VMB4RY (PDVMB4RY) modules.
VMB1USB is performing scan, but no feedback from modules.
Traffic log:
Addr. 00
Command RS232 buffel full
Data OB
Priority High
Raw 0F F8 00 01 0B ED 04

Send (sending scan packages ok), no feedback
Addr: F0
Command: Scan
Rtn: on
Priority: Low
Raw: 0F FB F0 40 C6 04

Extra notes:

  • TX led is blinking continuous less bright than PS led.
  • VMB1USB is feeling hot, not sure if this was in the past as well, maybe bringing yitter to the bus? (althoug working fine with TVMB1TS and TVMB4PD)
  • I unplugged power for +30s from the bus to reset bus
  • I checked/exchanged cabling
  • I updated Velbuslink to latest version but never performed firmware upgrades on the modules


  • How to get rid of bus “entered an erroneous state” - reset options (power/ special buttons) ?
  • Can I send modules VMB1USB / PDVMB4RY for repair?
  • Can I perform firmwarefix in field as I don’t want to disconnect +30 modules and redo cabling
  • Do I need to purchase VMBRSUSB based on above? and retry testing.
  • Any option for support on site (in Belgium/Limburg) as I don’t know anymore how to fix the issue.

Thx for the fast feedback,
We are sitting in the dark.

It would be best to contact a Velbus installer to come and take a look at your installation. They may also be able to help you over the phone.


It will suggest Afghanistan, but select Belgium and enter your postal code. You will get a list of who is a Velbus installer near you. Their phone number is shown when you click on them. Please contact someone from the list who is an installer to get your problem solved as quickly as possible.

Please keep us informed