I’m playing with Velbuslink 7, mostly to configure the VMB1TC but have got a couple of questions.
About the VMB1TC, could you elaborate what the “Wakeup” and “Bedtime” times are about? Are these globaly configurable values?
About the VMB1TS, is there a posibility to completely override the program until the next step, if I assign a button to switch a TS to Day, it switches to Day until the sleeptime runs out then it switches back to the previous mode. If I set the sleeptime to 0, the mode of the TS can’t be changed localy. I could set the sleeptime to 1 day, but then the status leds would be constantly flashing…

The wakeup and bedtimes are fixed times freely configurable by the user, for example: i go to bed 23:00h (bedtime) and i wake up at 8:00h (wakeup).

You can then uses those fixed times as a relative time for other actions, for example:

  • 2 hours before going to bed, switch to night mode (bedtime -2h = at 21h)
  • 30 minutes before wakeup time, switch to comfort mode (~ i’d like it warm when i wake up)

Then if, for any reason, you wake up earlier (changed jobs, holiday, …), you simply set a different wakeup time and all your other settings will be adjusted along with it.

Using bedtime/wakeup time is the opposite of using a fixed point in time to execute an action, for example: switch to comfort mode at 15:00h

Ok, I thought so much about the wakup bedtime times, but where can they be configured?
Any ideas about the TS problem?

If you want to override the current program step, you can operate the sensor manually to set it to - for example - comfort mode by pressing the button on the sensor. This mode will stay active for the duration you set in sleep time.

To permanently override the current program step:

  • Manually set the TS to comfort mode (or another mode) by pressing the button on the sensor
  • The led will start flashing and your manual override will last for a duration set by sleep time)
  • Press the sensor button again, but this time keep pressing it until the led stops flashing

The sleep time needs to be a value >= 1.

Wakeup and bedtimes can be configured in the VMB1TC configuration dialog.

Click the category ‘Settings’, select the ‘General’ tab. Look under ‘Alarm clock’, you will find ‘Wakeup time’ and ‘Bedtime’. Those values are used when configuring relative program steps.

Ok, they where grayed out, you have to enable alarms to edit them. Do they work with alarms disabled, and what are the alarms? Is my VMB1TC going to beep if alarms are enabled? :stuck_out_tongue:
I have to say great work on the VelbusLink7, looking forward to the new releases. I especialy like the remote connect, works like a charm with a Velbuslink6 in server mode (if network connection is reliable, with a dropping wireless connection I got some errors, I’ll save screenshots and write some bugreports if I got the time).

Alarms need to be enabled for the program steps to work (the ones that use bedtime or wakeup time). I guess this is not very clear in that dialog, but i’ll try to make it clearer when i review that dialog. There won’t be any beeping or flashing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments

About overriding the program on the TS.
I know about holding the button on the sensor, the problem is if i want to use a pushbutton on a VMB8PB module it acts as if the button on the sensor was pressed once. I for example have a button by the front door “Comming Home” wich switches a couple of lights and is supposed to set a VMB1TS to day mode. Problem with this is, the VMB1TS goes into day mode with timeout (flashing leds on TS). I want the TS to stay in Day mode until the next program step is reached. Is this in any way possible?
I could set the timeout to a full day, but that would mean the leds on the TS would keep blinking wich is just annoying.

In the configuration menu of the temperature controller you can switch the global alarm clock on or off. If this setting is on the wakeup and bedtime are globally, otherwhise it is locally only for the current controller.

Switching the mode of the VMB1TS via a remote push button starts always the sleeptimer. By long pressing this button you can cancel this sleeptimer and at the next program step it executes again the program.