Temperature Sensor

How can I display in a UI the value registered by temperature sensor VM132?
It is possible with a usb and a rs232 connection?


VM132 is not a Velbus item.
In order to display a temperature on a PC, you need a PC interface card with analog input such as K8055 or K8061

I saw item VM132 in velleman.be/ot/en/product/view/?id=362018.

I already have USB Interface Module (VMB1USB) and I want to use the same protocol that I use with relays, dimmers, blinds … to show temperature in user interface. Is it possible?


No, this is not possible. With future temp. modules this will be possible.


I’d like to implement the Velbus temperature sensors (VMB1TC) and the Velbus temperature controller VMB1TS) are they already available and how they cost ???

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Supplying commercial info is not a goal of this forum.
Please turn to your Velleman distributor for availability and pricing.