Terminator indication


I have a new Velbus installation (new house).
For the moment, I have no terminator indication set in my Velbus configuration.
Is this a problem?


It depends.
Termination is needed so the signals on the bus are clean enough to be understood by the modules.
This depends on that length of the bus, the number of modules, the way the cables are placed, …

See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_termination

So yes, termination is needed but it is possible that your bus is working fine without proper termination.



If you mean indication (as in showing the terminator icon in VelbusLink), this is only for your convenience and to show that there is a terminator on the actual module.

For why termination is needed, see the response of Stef.

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To expand on the previous answers, specifically for Velbus a “normal” installation (meaning not extremely big or with very large distances), like in a domestic building, needs exactly two terminators, with as much distance in between them as possible. These need to be set on the hardware.
See also the Velbus Guide: Part 1, Hardware and Cabling (free download on velbus.eu, link at the right of the homepage or in the downloads of each module).