Thermostat automatic cool/heat switch?

I know the thermostat can either be in cooling or heating mode… but why do we actually have these modes? should the system not be smart enough to detect…

hey it’s 30C and set temp is 20… I need to cool (switching to cool mode)
hey, it’s 20C and the demand is 30C… I need to heat (switching to heat mode)

Another thing I’ve found is that if power is restored, and the actual temperature is outside of the min/max configured settings - a trigger is NOT sent… and nothing will happen…

this causes some problems in extreme weather locations. Say my power goes out at home… I’m on vacation… and the outside temperature is 47C. My max temperature on the thermostat is configured to 36. Once the internal room temperature reaches 37C - and the power is restored on the Velbus system, there is no trigger to start the AC to cool down the room anymore…

as second… might I request the units to be able to switch in “AC only” mode for hotter climates? Now I have 3 FAN icons on the display, but I loose the day/night icons… Ideally I want those back :wink:

There is a nice UPS system for 12v bus systems.


as discussed here

Or you can invert an input channel so that on power up, it puts a “pressed” message on the bus, that things react to and set your default state

That’s not something everyone wants.

But you can use thermostat alarm channels to do that for you.

  • Temp is 10ºC above target, swap to cooling mode

  • Temp is 10ºC below target, swap to heating mode

(I have this is my main room, I did try with smaller thresholds, but I noticed it changed operational modes too often. As in going to Night mode would put the cooling on to force the room temp down, instead of allowing it to cool naturally.
The whole house swaps from Winter programming to Summer by an action from the WeatherStation now, but that’s a different subject)

you could…

Set an Alarm to trigger when the target temperature is Below the current target.

This would mean you can have the thermostat in Heating mode and use the pretty icons, but it would actually trigger a cooling system?

no … if its in heating mode it wont trigger the chiller channel… the boost channel never works in cooling mode anyway … its one or the other…

I’m guessing its to avoid flipping back and forth if you have a dual system…

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