Thermostat on EdgeLit (temporary mode set to 0)

HI everyone,

When setting the temporary mode for a thermostat to 0 - the EdgeLit module does not show anything on the top part of the screen… however, touching that button resets the set temperature to the setting in the presets for that mode…

for example:
the preset for cooling in setting II is set to 26C
the temporary mode is set to 0-0-0
on the module, the temperature manually is set to 28C while in preset mode II (overriding the 26C)
the display does not show any icon on the top - but pressing the top switch will reset the set temperature to 26C

Is it possible to place like a small icon/text there?

Hey Roelf

Is this the same subject that we chatted about?

hey… yes what I demo’ed you in the video

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