Toggle sunrise/sunset combination not possible


on my installation, my blinds are automatically going up and down with the sunrise/sunset functionality. However, I programmed one button per blind to disable/enable this functionality. I have previously done this by using the “toggle alarm/sunset/sunrise” on the module of the VMB2BLE. I add 2 actions, one for sunset and one for sunrise.

This works perfectly if you use the module of the VMB2BLE, but then both blinds are linked. If I try to do it on the VMB6BPN, when adding the second action, it just overrides the first one.

Question: How can I toggle both sunset/sunrise related program steps on a VMB6BPN, using only 1 button on it?

PS. Using the latest Velbus version 10.8.4

Can you send us the VLP project file for further investigation in private message.

Best Regards,
Velbus Team