Top cooling

I would like to combine VELBUS with Cool Blue ITHO heat pump with cooling. This makes it possible in the summer to cool with 3 degrees difference compared to the outside air temperature.

Thereby Velbus must check whether it is warmer outside than inside, and that there is not on the same time a heat demand in another room.

Could this be done with the VMBGPODW?
On which module can i connect an outside thermostat?

At this moment, Velbus has no outdoor temperature sensor or analogue input module so differential temperature measurement can not be done.

However, in case you can use our standard temperature sensors (VMB1TS or any glass panel), you can program the logical unit in the homecenter VMBHIS. In this unit you can use OR AND NAND etc … functions.

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Kris Daelman

The good thing about Velbus is: you don’t need a expensive central HUB. Every controller is autonom.

Every controller have to have some kind micro chip for the clock, virtual relais etc, hasn’t it?

If so,

  • is this chip not capable of simple logic?
  • is the velbus firmware not suitable for this?
  • would the velbuslink software interface to complex?