Touch panel expansion idea

I stumbled on this very VelBus lookalike touch panel family.
It has the same footprint of 86x86 and lots of variations of button layouts other then the one below.
Price vary around € 12 on BG.

Youtuber SDG Electronics has reversed engineerd the I2C touch part and managed to have it talking DMX, does that open doors @MDAR ?

Dissecting first look inside:

DMX conversion pcb:

Very interesting.

There isn’t a DMX IN option for Velbus (or a DMX OUT for that matter) so getting it to control Velbus hardware wouldn’t be direct.

If Node-RED has a DMX IN option, then that could translate to Velbus.

Software like QLCplus has DMX IN and provides (almost) full control over elements on the Virtual Console, but that’s nothing to do with Velbus.

Nice find however, it could be nice for stand alone controls of funky lighting.

Was thinking more about the easy way into the velbus; using NodeRed and touch talking mqtt

It would certainly be an interesting project.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

Rather old news but the Sonoff T1 (or other eWeLink devices) with Tasmota firmware has MQTT

I’m not a fan of MQTT, I think it’s another layer in a system = another point of potential failure.

That said, I like the idea of being able to use different control points…

You could…

Go as crazy as installing a tiny SBC with a colour touch screen and run different web browser pages on each?

Then you could add things on to the GPio pins…