Two faulty modules


Recently I’ve had two module go faulty and no matter what I do I cannot get them working again.
We had some weird electrical issues and my UPS failed too, not sure if this is related or not?

The two module are VMB4DC and build 1509 and VMBGP4 build 1720 which is now incorrectly identified as a PIR (VMBGP4PIR).

Neither can be communicated with, both are stuck in bootloader started (65)

I’ve reduced all communication on the bus and it still fails the firmware update as ‘The integrity of the firmware could not be verified’.

Any other suggestions?

@MDAR - Hello and thank you for all your help :wink:

Hey Sam

Thanks for letting me access your system remotely.

The glass panel should be back to being a GP4, not a GP4PIR.
The firmware update was a little slow, but that’s understandable.

You just need to put your configuration back into it.

However I think there is something more serious going on with the 4DC.

It would get to 2 or 3 %, stop

Report that the bootloader had started again.


Accept the first 2 or 3 % again, then restart the boot loader.

It did this a couple of times, then reported that “The integrity of the firmware could not be verified”, exactly as you reported.

I’ve put a replacement unit in the post to you.

Please swap out the modules and post the duff one back to me for further inspection.

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Following up on the previous and some interesting observations,

Firstly, huge thank you to MDAR for your help and patience :slight_smile:

Right new 4DC module shipped to me and installed, config copied and works flawlessly.
The GP4, I’m still intrigued how you managed to bring it back to life but I can confirm it is working.

So, the interesting observation is that the system has previously been connected to using the VMB1USB. I swapped this out with the VMBRSUSB due to it being din mounted (unfortunately the usb connector is in the wrong orientation, why have it coming out the front when down, sideways or rear connected would be far better if mounted in a cabinet??) and the previous query of the VMB1 being faulty.

The previously failed FW updates due to “The integrity of the firmware could not be verified” did not occur and the units updated without issue - and seemingly quicker too.

Out of curiosity, I reconnected the previously ‘dead’ 4DC and attempted the FW update and would you believe it, it worked without hesitation!

I’m extremely grateful for the support and the rapid shipping of the replacement module (which you can now have back :slight_smile:) I’m also shipping the VMB1 back so you can assess the potential issue.

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