Unable to configure VMB1TC with Velbuslink software


I am unable to configure the Temperature Controller VMB1TC via the VelbusLink software (I have version
The name (“VMB1TC”) is listed in the left colomn, but there is nothing to configure. I cannot click, double-click or right-click on it to configure. If I select the controllor and click on the “Configure” button, VelbusLink starts to transfer the memory, but it just freezes (the progresscircle stays on 0%. The memory size indicated is 0 bytes).

Is this version not yet compatible with the temp controller module?


I’ve a problem configuring the VMB1TS, xml file missing when I want to load the configuration page.

Version 6 is under development, which will add proper support for the VMB1TC. It will be available soon!

To fix the issue with the VMB1TS, look for the following files in your VelbusLink installation directory:
C:\Program Files\Velleman\VelbusLink\Maps\vmb1TS_%BUILDNR%.xml

Find the file preceding the buildnumber you are missing and copy/rename it to match the name on your error message.

Annoying as I had to wait several months for those TC’s to arrive. Now I have them I can’t get them to function with the software. And I would like to finally finish my system.

i have the same problem.
how mutch time we have to wait??


Same for me…
I would love to fully use the VMB1TC

Some new software for Christmas ? :unamused:



I second the request for version 6 :wink:

With version 6.0 I still cannot configure the VMB1TC. When trying to do so, VelbusLink is giving an error that file “VMB1TC_0928.xml” cannot be found.

same here

Version 6 was released too soon, version 7 will be able to configure the VMB1TC. Development is almost complete, below is a preview of what is to come:

General settings:

Configuring program steps:

Configuration dialogs for other modules are also being reviewed. We hope them to be as intuitive as possible and we hope to beable to keep improving usability with every coming release, we have some great ideas