Unwanted activations

In my system I have about 10 VMB8PB and 5 VMB4RY.
I don’t understand why but some time I’ve unwanted activations of the same channel.
Monitoring the log seem that a button is pressed.
The VMB8PB is near the button… So I don’t think it is a interferences problem…
I used the VMBLDB leds… Could be that this is the cause of my malfunction?


We noticed some problemes with these led’s and started already a new production.
Please remove the current ones and have them changed at your local dealer.

Kind Regards
Kris Daelman

can I change the led?
Have you some led that are ok?
For example
L-3BC ?
L-3GBC ?
L-5BC ?
L-5BCW ?
L-5GBC ?

Or white led…

As a matter of fact, as soon as it is a low current LED you can use it.

High efficency LED’s also do the job :slight_smile:

During feedback signal (ON): I = 0,5 mA
during indication signal (LOW): I = 15 µA

Kind regards
Kris Daelman