[UPDATED] VMB7IN Virtual Channel Hack Not Working


i try to make VMB7IN virtual channel to work , because i want to trigger 2 different outputs with one VMB7IN where one of the outputs is restricted to time range.

So i connect one output to ch6 another to CH8 and i disable CH8 in the program for the required time range.
Then i want CH6 trigger CH8 (virtual) each time its triggered by the IR detector.
Here where the problem appear as i told CH8 to follow the state of CH6 but it does not work.

Here an capture to explain it better .

Alot of thanks for the support team for quick answers.


______ UPDATE___

I Found a hack to make it work , i activated DOUBLE mode on CH6 making him trigger CH8 after 1sec simulating long pression .
This is a dirty hack since it would be nice the “follow state” works or DOUBLE mode support 0sec delay .

Is there a “clean” way to do it ?

________ UPDATE___

for some reason in DOUBLE Mode CH6 is not working any more …

Is there anybody who can help ?