Upgrading module VMB4DC for LED Logarithmic Dim curve

I’m using a VMB4DC module to dim LED lights. The logarithmic dim curve option is really interesting in such a case.
It’s been designed from build 1219 or higher but my module build is 1051 (even if bought recently - maybe in stock for a long time).

In the VMB4DC user manual, it’s written the firmware upgrade is possible by running the upgrade software and following the instructions but I could not find the place to download the relative materials.
Would you know where I can find them and upgrade my module?


i think that velbus will send you a update or you have to return the module to your dealer for update.

Can velbus comfirm this?

Sorry, at this time the firmware cannot be upgraded by the user.
You will have to return your unit for an upgrade.
Please note that this is not free, shipping and handling will be charged.
Please return unit to:

Velleman Projects Tech Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Please include a copy of this conversation.

It’s really bad news regarding the huge interest of taking profit from regular software improvements without renewing the hardware. It was a competitive argument on paper…

Regarding the operation you suggest and my relative decision, could you give me an estimation of the cost please (in a private message if you prefer)?

We are currently experimenting with bootloaders to make sure that in the future products can updated by users.
Handling should be around 10 euros. Sorry, no idea regarding the shipping cost.