USb to DB9 cable to connect to the VMB1RS -> Failed!

Hi all,

I have no-brand usb to DB9 cable that work perfectly for my video projector control, Satellite receiver firmware upgrade , etc…

But when I plug it on the VMB1RS, it doesn’t recognize the device and no serial port is mounted (Windows)… so, Velbuslink is unable to see it.
Please, notice that it works well with a common DB9-DB9 cable.

I suspect a serial protocol problem because, even with a software like TCPCOM (for a network control), the VMB1RS is not seen …

Does anyone have a clue ?



Some USB to serial converters cause timing jitter, which causes this behaviour.
Why don’t you use a dedicated USB interface (VMB1USB) instead of the serial interface for the Velbus system ?

Simply because, basically I have bought a VMB1RS interface… and now, I try to configure it using my laptop that, of course, don’t have any DB9 connector…

Do you know a USB<->DB9 cable model that works fine ?

We’d suggest to return the serial interface and get a USB interface. This will be the most reliable an cheapest solution.

Return the serial interface ??? I have it for 2 years now… I doubt that my provider will accept it now :wink:

Impossible to say if a particular make or brand of serial to USB converter will work. We’d suggest to get one from a supplier which accepts returns or try it at the store.