Using the position in VMB2BLE to controll the lights

I want to use the position of the blinds (eg 100%) to control the lights in the garden.

When the blinds are down the lights must also go out in the garden. The blinds go down or up depending the light on a VMBPIRO. But regardless of the ambient light, sometimes I want to enjoy the garden at night (with lights on). Like in a lot of modules it is possible to reverse action and reaction. It does not work with the VMB2BLE.
Any sugestion?

The VMB2BLE channels cannot be used as initiators. In this case end of range contacts, connected to VMB7IN inputs, would be the solution.
In the future, our Signum server will be able to do this kind of logic. (See the Velbus server topic for more info on the Signum.)

Do you have a software interface with your Velbus installation?

OpenRemote ?
openHAB2 ?
HomeAssistant ?