Using the VMB4RY relay module as normally closed

Is it possible (or is there a trick …) to use 1 of the 4 relays on the VMB4RY as a normally-closed connection?
So I always want the relay to be on, except if I press a button (as long as I hold it or just for let say a 10th of second).

I know it’s possible with a VMB1RY, but a have a spare VMB4RY relay so I’m looking for the cheapest sollution.

It would also be nice to (re) start the relay as normally-closed again after a power breakdown.

Any hints are welcome :slight_smile:

The only solution I see is using a VMB1RY or mounting a cheap standard NO/NC printrelay to the output of your VMB4RY.

You will be able to use it reversed and it remains closed when the power breaks down.

PS: if you take a 12V DC relay, you can use the bus power

kind regards