Using VMB1TS to control VMB2BL

How can I use the VMB1TS to control my VMB2Bl modules.
As the temperature is breaking records these days I want to use my Velbus system to close the blinds when it is to hot. If the alarm is set at eg 32 degrees, the blinds need to close, but the temperature drops below that point, they need to reopen. That only during the day, at night even with a lower temperatures they need to be shut down.
Thank you

The general principles for a solution could be as follows:

  • initiator “alarm high” on your VMBT1S, subject “Blind 1”, action “roll down immediately”
  • initiator “alarm low” on your VMBT1S, subject “Blind 1”, action “roll up immediately”
  • set “alarm high” to 32°C and “alarm low” to 31°C
  • to disable at night, you can setup a (virtual) push button that locks the temperature alarm channels and another one that unlocks them. Then program these push buttons to activate at night (or sunset) resp. in the morning (or sunrise). These same buttons can also roll up or down the blind at the same time as locking the temperature alarm.

With the more recent VMB2BLE shutter modules more actions are available (like inhibit and force, and also three different modes) and other solutions might work better. For the VMB2BL I think you’ll have to look more or less according to the principles outlined above, but as always multiple solutions and variations are possible.

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What is the best solution with the new blind module if i may ask?
There are indeed more than 100 actions but without a full manual this is very hard to find out…


In Dutch there’s a detailed explanation of all VMB2BLE actions on the FAQ page, direct link: Welke mogelijkheden biedt de rolluikmodule VMB2BLE?