Valves for heating control

I’m considering to switch my heating-system to a velbus-controlled one. As I understand it, the VMB1TS can be programmed to (de)activate a relay output when heating (or cooling) is needed. This relay contact will control a valve of some sort to open/close the water-flow to the radiators.

What brands & types of valves are you using? What brand/type is recommended? What is the (approx) price and where are the sold?
Are these valves usually placed centrally at the distribution point? or locally on each radiator?

thx in advance

I 've used actuators from Honeywell and Calefi. They are placed on the body off a radiator valve. Price is about a 35€/actuator.

In my situation I plaeced the valves on the collector. In this way I didn’t need to have a cable to each radiator. Some of my radiators are on the same valve and the flow is regulated on a valve at the raditor itself (ie the bathroom, livingroom).

The consumtion of an actuator is +/- 3 watts and the dead timt (time to go from close/opening) is 3 minutes.

thank you jeroends for the quick reply!

Do you happen to have the product number (or name) somewhere around so I can google some specs and points-of-sale?

Caleffi 656102
Honeywell mt4

A lot depends on what valves you’re about to use. Best is to go to a plumber store and see with wich manufactor they work. I use to ones without switches, the only problem you’ll have than is that the pump will be running for max 3 minutes without a valve opened. You can solve this with for ex a radiator wich is always opened (hallway radiator, towell drier) or you can use a presuure controlled bypass valve. The last option can also elliminate the sound of the water flow when there are not enough radiators open.