Velbus 12 volt transformer

Planning my installation now, but have just had a thought.
The 12 volt transformer, (VMBTR1 - Velbus DIN-Rail Transformer) the output be used for other low current 12 volt appliances?
What is the limit on it’s output, could it power a couple of 12 volt CCTV camera ?
Anyone know ?

Transformer is rated at 50VA, so at 12V it can deliver approx 4A.
Please note that it outputs AC, not DC.

If you have larger power requirements, you can always just buy a bigger power supply from any supplier. As long as it provides 12V DC it will work. At the moment I’m testing the Velbus system with an old laptop power supply and if I decide to make a Velbus installation in my renovation project, I will buy some industrial DIN-rail power supplies that can provide me with the correct current.