Velbus 6.0 bug

Version 6 is unable to download memory from the modules. Hence it’s not possible to view or edit the module configuration. At the very end of the download process it reports an error. I went back to version 5.9 and there it’s OK.
THe COM selection dropdown box does not list available COM ports. Very inconvenient when you work with USB/RS232 adapters since you don’t know which port number is assigned by Windows when you plug in the USB connector. You can pick up the available COM ports in the Windows registry, but this is not very reliable since any inconsistency will not be detected or corrected by Windows. There is plenty of free code available to solve this. Check out this on the codeproject web site: .NET - Diving into System Programming - Part 2, by Vladimir Afanasyev
I used this code with some modifications to exclude the Bluetooth ports in another project and it works very well.

We currently use the Windows Setup API to enumerate all USB device interfaces (SetupDiGetClassDevs using GUID A5DCBF10-6530-11D2-901F-00C04FB951ED). Then we filter out the Velbus VMB1USB by checking for the correct VID/PID in the hardware ID. So we don’t actually check for available COM ports, but for available VMB1USB devices. I haven’t checked if the VMB1USB will show up when using the CodeProject example which checks for ‘Ports’.

I still need to review the detection code for the next release of the VelbusLink software.

What is the error message you are getting? Are you missing an xml file?

Maybe something went wrong during the installation. Installed version 6 again, without uninstallling the previous one, and now it’s OK.

Re USB/RS232 port detection: I’m using USB-RS232 adapters with your RS232 modules (VMB1RS). Not sure what it will do if I would use VMB1USB modules.