Velbus alarm times not displaying in OpenRemote - Fixed

We’re identified a strange issue with the glass panels and OpenRemote this morning.

The programmer is now aware of it, so when he adds the new weather station and VMBGP4PIR, he’ll create a proper fix.

Until then, to avoid some sensor reading failures and hopefully speed up the OpenRemote initialisation time, can you make sure that EVERY glass panel in your Velbus installations have EVERY base address configured.

It doesn’t matter what the addresses are, as long as each glass panel can report back to OpenRemote a valid address, different to FF / 255.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


This issue has been resolved :slight_smile:

It turned out to be a much easier fix than we’d feared.

The update will be included in the V1.50 release of OpenRemote Pro Controller.

If anyone needs it sooner, please email me.