Velbus and Harmony Hub


Is it possible to control the Velbus installation with a Logitech Harmony Hub.
I know that the Logitech Harmony remote control can control Velbus but I’m not sure for the hub.

(I would like to add voice control on my Velbus installation with Google Home + Harmony Hub).

Thank you


I’m not aware of a direct link between a Harmony Hub and Velbus.


openHAB2 has “Harmony Hub” and Velbus bindings.

So it wouldn’t be too difficult to map Harmony Hub events to Velbus and Vice Versa.

It’s also very easy to link Google Assistant to openHAB2, so you can get full voice control (with feedback) of your Velbus network.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll look to that.

I see also that the the VMB8IR is in the recognized devices of the Harmony Hub (IR commands like the remote controls), so it might also be possible this way.


I’ll need to get this confirmed, but I think you’ll find that the VMB8IR responds to the first 8 IR commands of the 36 commands that the VMBGPOD recognises.

Basically, the Velbus IR commands simulate button presses.

1 to 8 for the VMB8IR

1 to 32 for the VMBGPOD, with 33 to 36 being thermostat mode selection.

This Android app is a good example.

It’s basically similar to what your Harmony remote can do, but on your (IR blasting) smartphone