Velbus Commercial

Dear Sir,

My name is Pradeep Herath I am contacting you from UK. Recently I have started a Business to install home automation systems for multistory apartments, Our company name ELBM Systems. although I am based in UK my work is being carried out in South Asia “Sri Lanka” to be precise. I have contacted velbus commercial through website I have had no reply. what I would like is to discuss my commercial requirements with velbus and get more information on how I can become your agent for Sri Lanka to supply and install your Home automation systems. I have already secured a Large project 7 Story luxury building 6-8 apartments. So I would be grateful if you can put me to right chanel or give me deatils how to contact them via phone.

Pradeep Herath
Technical Director (Bsc Elec Eng)

ELBM Systems Limited