Velbus control via Siri (Apple)

Are there any plans to integrate the Velbus solution with Apple Homekit (or to use Homecenter) to use the Siri voice control?

Not at this point. Thanks for the suggestion, it has been noted.


I’m not familiar with Apple iOS or Siri, but…

If Siri can cause events within a local server, ‘very soon’, OpenRemote will have full 2 way intergation with multiple Velbus networks.

So I assume Siri might be able to announce events on a Velbus network too.

Good luck.

Please post your success stories or ‘How To’, so that the wider community can share your joy.


Any update about the velbus Homekit support?

Mdar, do you have some idea to connect logitech harmony (with wifi/bletooth gate), with openremote ?

Hi Daweb,

Can you post this question on the OpenRemote forum please?!forum/openremotecommunity

The Velbus themed answer would be to use the IR receiver within each VMBGPODx and get OpenRemote to monitor any of the 32 button events that a Logitech Harmony can transmit, then trigger events in OpenRemote rules.
(I’ve achieved this with an Android IR Blaster app that has all 36 IR codes

An OpenRemote themed answer might go a couple of steps further.

I did it with Domotiga and the Homebridge. Works fine with Siri.

Use the Domotiga Velbus integration. Then used homebridge to connect to domotiga.

Hi, the integration of Apple iOS HomeKit with openHAB2 is beautiful.

Most of the functionality is working except the shutters, blinds that do not work.
Fantastic is the Siri support to verbally control the Velbus actions.

Many Thanks to Stef Coene for his dedication in building the Velbus integration in openHAB2.


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Hallo GiGi,

Ik weet dat dit er al even opstaat, maar de integratie tussen je velbus en openhab2. Werkt alles evengoed daarop? Dan bedoel ik kan je lichten & dimmers bedienen met Apple HomeKit of Siri?

Alvast bedankt.