Velbus controller (server)?

Hello guys

I’m reading all PDF files about Velbus because I’ll include domotics in my house (building it very soon).
I need to understand if Velbus is able to works with conditions or other state (ex. if switch “kitchen” is ON and switch “Bedroom” is pushed then put relay “Kitchen lamp” OFF)

Else, could you advertise me about a PC with very low consumption (5W max) or let me know is a master controller module is on the way in your labs :smiley:


At this time, no ‘conditional’ modules in the pipeline.

Golfy, if you’r looking for a pc with max 5w, look at a fit-pc ( I’m using the fitpc 1 for a server (linux) and one as a windows machine that in the future wil lbecom my domotics server (software is in developing). I now even see that there’s a new version of it, but it consumes +/- 7w.

Hi jeroends,
The link you give me was wrong but Google (my best friend :wink: ) give me this :

it’s exactly what I need ! like I’m able to program on linux or XP (thanks to PureBasic) a small PC with low consuption is the solution.
Now, if I understand how VelBus works, there is a serial protocol (via USB) wich could be used to read and write values on modules, right ?
So I could manage my house with it : at 7h00, open rolls, if button “OUT” is pressed, a detection of any button give an alarm… etc. ?


yes you can, if you look around in this forum, there are others who have written software in visual basic. This could be helpfull fot writing you’re own.