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Ik ben een beginner met Velbuslink en heb hulp nodig.
Ik heb 3 relais en ik probeer ervoor te zorgen dat wanneer ik op knop 1 druk, relais 1 wordt ingeschakeld.
Maar als ik voor de tweede keer op knop 1 druk, wordt relais 2 ingeschakeld. En als ik voor de derde keer op knop 1 druk, worden relais 1 en 2 uitgeschakeld. Ik wil weten hoe ik dit moet doen en of het zelfs mogelijk is.

Sorry for replying in English.

I see your question has not had any replies yet.

Try the attached VLP file.

I have used Virtual modules to build the logic, I hope it makes sense.

When I get back to my office, I will try with real modules, to confirm my thinking,

Cascade button events.vlp (11.4 KB)

My thoughts.

Button action to both / all real world Relays = ON
Button Action to Virtual Relay = Start 2 second timer

Action between Relay 1 and Relay 2 = Force OFF while relay OPEN / OFF
Action between Relay 2 and Relay 3 = Force OFF while relay OPEN / OFF
Action between Relay 3 and Relay 4 = Force OFF while relay OPEN / OFF
Action between Relay 4 and Virtual Relay = Force OFF while OPEN / OFF

4 ACTIONS between Virtual Relay and ALL other relay channels = OFF or “Force off while closed”

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Thanks for replying! I will try it when i can and tell you if it works or not.

Thank you!

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@MDAR, just a question.
Wouldn’t it be easier to use the HomeAssistant automation functions to operate these relays by using extra conditions to see if a specific relays (entity) is on or not?
My guess is that you only need your 3 relays if that would work.

I, myself, am totally new in HA, but hope to find my way in it in the following weeks/months. :wink:


Offloading all that logic to third party platforms is great, but you lose the “self contained” nature of Velbus.

I’m a fan of third party stuff, but only for the really clever stuff or stuff that doesn’t matter if it fails.

Other than that, I enjoy the challenge of finding a Velbus way :laughing:

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Ok, I do understand your “concern”. (maybe I need to find someone else for my tourbus)
But isn’t HA “part of” Velbus as it’s adopted in the Signum.
From that point of view I like to think it should be stable and can be used for this kind of stuff.

All joking aside, I don’t really understand the setup. I tried to visualise the sequence of pressing the button a few times, but got lost on the timer.
Is it just my mind, or does this setup rely on the bus signals always follow the same sequence?
Trying to learn. :wink:

You are right, but I’m just not 100% convinced that anything software based is totally reliable.
It is a mini computer after all, even if it’s a really stable one.
Hence my aim to resolve everything within Velbus logic first.

(I can’t believe you’re kicking me off the tour bus, before our first venue :laughing: )

To explain my logic

The button only ever sends an ON command to the relays (two or more etc) and a Start Timer to the virtual relay.

But !!!

Relay two is “locked off” until Relay One is ON

Relay Three is “locked off” until Relay Two is ON

Relay Four is “locked off” until Relay three is ON

Virtual Relay is “locked off” until Relay Four is ON

When the Virtual Relay timer starts, it Switches OFF all the relays.

I just don’t know if the Virtual Relay needs an OFF action or if it would be better to use a “force OFF while closed” action

This setup also means that multiple buttons can easily have the same

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