Velbus House automation, 4 channel RF receiver for Velbus

who gets the request for the extented warranty i´ve got no responce since a month. My home got a complete velbus automation with over 6ts € so please be nice to me.


I checked our database, your extended warranty has been registered by us and is perfectly in order. Our apologies for your not being notified earlier…

I have the same problem. It is sometimes working (range 20+ meters), but then it just stops. I’ve put it on my desk and now it only works within a 5 cm range? The transmitters en vmb4rf are brand new.
Velleman, I don’t feel like changing the antenna myself. Do I need a replacement?

I am not the developer of the receiver but with my modes the receiver works perfekt.
Did you check the antenna as vel 324 sad?

The antenna connection to the pcb looks fine to me. However, I do not feel like applying mods to a new out of the box product.