Velbus implemention : timer/toogle


I would like to have your advice for an implementation that I want to do :
I have a light to command via two ways :

  1. via a moving detector. I would like to switch it on for a 5min period
  2. via a button :
    short hit (or long) on the button : toogle
    long hit (or short) on the button : switch the light on for a 5min period.

Could you help how to do it? I am using vmb4RY and VMB8PB for the Niko button.
How do I have cable my moving detector and my vmb4RY relay?
How do I have configure my vmb4RY relay? timer?
What do I have configure via the velbuslink?

Thks a lot for your help


Velbus modules are able to manage short/long press with TIMER1 and TIMER2 but you can choose the MODE :
restartable Timer, Toggle (with timer), etc.

You should read first the full documentation. Sorry if my answer doesn’t match exactly what you need but you have to understand all function’s modes before use them :slight_smile:

Reference material:
VMB4RY Extended user manual (PDF)