Velbus Integration in HomeAssistant

I have configured the integration of my Velbus installation in Home Assistant.
It works well so far, that’s a great news.
I have however a few questions, if someone could help me…

Does someone know what the service velbus.scan should be used for?
I assume the status of the status of the modules is automatically known by Home Assitant, without having to run a scan like in VelbusLink, no?

Does someone know how to do the equivalent of a VelbusLink “synchronize” in HomeAssistant? Is it automatic via the configuration of the bridge of the integration in HomeAssistant?

Does someone understand what the service velbus.clear_cache is doing? The document says that after a clear, the integration will start a new scan… If it’s a “scan” in the sense of the VelbusLink, I don’t get what it means and what it does… Or is it a “synchronize”?

Thank you

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It might be worth looking at the HomeAssistant community forum, specifically the Velbus topics.

I’m not a HA user, but I’ll try to share what I do know.

Others will probably chip in with much more useful / valid support.

This is exactly like “scan” in Velbuslink, a search “base address by base address” to see which modules you have installed.

What do you mean?

Synchronise is when you’ve made changes to the configuration and want to write them or when reading from a system.

Hold on, is that what you mean?

You’ve made a change via Velbuslink and now want to read in those changes to HA?

I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Unless you remove the module (there’s a term for that in HA, but I can’t remember it. Maybe “entity” ?)

This is exactly what it says.

“Clear what HA knows about your Velbus setup”

Without ever having done this, I’d suggest that this and a fresh scan might be what you’re looking for regarding a Synchronise.

As I say, that’s just “my understanding”

Give it time and others, more knowledge them me will chip in.

But the HA community site is a fabulous place to find support.

Or there are loads of Facebook groups in different languages, but I’m not a fan of people breaking away into smaller groups, as the rest miss out on all the juicy details and fun ideas.

Thank you Stuart,

I will also give it a try on HA forum.

To reply to your question, indeed, that’s what I want to do. If I add a page on a control panel (OLED), I will get new buttons I would like to have access to in HA.


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indeed… synchronize does not exist - you cannot program the modules from within HA…

Scan == SCAN all addresses and is used when you put in new modules or replace modules so you can see the new relays, dimmers, etc…

clear.cache is used to clear the database in which all your channels and modules are from HA perspective… after a clear cache you should run the scan to find all the modules again… and is especially useful if you rename some of your channels in the Velbus Software… but use with caution

Thank for your reply.

And do you know what the “reload” (in the Velbus integration page in HA) does?

There is also the configuration of the bridge in the Velbus integration page, which says that it will discover new modules automatically. Personally, I have that option selected; I recently added a new module and it was automatically discovered in HA.
Then, perhaps not needed to run a scan?

I understand from your explanation that if I remove a device, I need to clear the cache… I tried to do it, by specific address of the module concerned, or a global clear-cache. But it didn’t work. All my 123 modules were still listed in the velbus integration page.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the logs anymore (i see that HA reset the logs after each reboot… not ideal)… but if I have to go through this again, I’ll share the logs with you.

Thank you

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the reload essentially reloads the plugin in HA… so you dont have to do a full reboot… usually not required unless something is “stuck” … but then usually I do a normal reboot anyway…

and yes… if you remove a module - best to clear the cache and run a scan …