Velbus interface for designers/frontenders

I am working on a frontend framework/interface (html, css, javascript) to control my velbus system.
The idea is to make it easy to create/change mobile interfaces (iPhone, android - phones and tablets) for the velbus domotica system. (only with the knowledge of html, css and javascript).

As server stack I am using a raspberry pi with a node server.
The node server is a bridge between a TCP (server application from jeroends) and a websocket.
There is also an apache server to host the client application (html, css, javascript).

The client application is accessible from all my mobile devices at home.

At the moment I have a working POC on

I know there is still a lot of work to do but I hope I can give inspiration. And I love to have some suggestions and ideas to improve the framework.

Hi, I was able to get my browser saying “It works!”
How to make sure that it can connect to the velbus through the browser?


@kona2 Are you sure you are accessing the index.html on the apache server?