Velbus interface Raspberry PI (4) hat

When starting with Openhab & Velserver on Raspberry PI I loved the flexibility of the software (including Openhab network bindings) but hated the cabling over USB and Velbus USB interface.
It seemed almost evident to use the PI for most interfacing but only the canBus interface was missing. For fun, I just created a small PI Hat providing the canBus interface and implementing the Velbus interface. This small hat uses the serial interface (/dev/serial0) and power supply available on the GPIO header of the PI.

Some pictures:

Many thanks to Jeroen, Cedric and MDAR for sharing components and support!

The hat is based on a Microchip PIC24HJ chip.
Board development Eagle
Software: MPLAB C code


Beautiful. You sharing or selling this?

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I am definitely sharing. Anybody can just get and use the schematics and code for personal use.
I never thought about selling. From reactions however I now realize not everybody has the tools and skills for programming PIC devices and mounting smd PCBs. I still have some PCBs left, so I guess I could build a small batch of devices. A rough calculation brings me to about 25€ / tested device + postage.

Hey Igor,
you ‘ve just posted an old idea of me :wink:: nice one! I’ m also very interested in a pcb if you’ve got some left, soldering and programming is no issue but if you ‘ve got the headers it would be nice because otherwise I’ ve to order them by multiple.

can you share the PCB, and programme? I think people will be willing to pay for this

Hé Jeroen
May hhanks for sharing VelServer! In return I am happy to offer you a free PCB. Just send me delivery address.

Just added zip to share with mplab project and eagle board design …

Hello Igor,
I’d love to have such an interface like that.
I’m not able to build it myself :>((
If you give me your bank account number, i’d buy asap.

Thanks in advance !!!

Dag Igor,
Ik had ook graag zo’n interface gewenst.
Ik ben helaas ook niet in de mogelijkheid om pcb zelf te maken :>((
Indien je mij je rekeningnummer bezorgt doe ik de betaling asap.

Alvast bedankt !!!

Hi Igor,

I’m also interested in buying a HAT from you. If you live in West Flanders or East Flanders I’m even willing to come and pick it up!

Thanks in Advance!