Velbus Interface to Comfort Alarm System

There is now a Velbus interface (UCM/velbus) for the Comfort integrated alarm and home automation system from Cytech
This interface allows the Comfort alarm system to send commands to Velbus Modules, as well as get status of velbus modules by channel, and also for Velbus input devices like pushbuttons to send commands to the Comfort system, ie it is a true two way interface. The UCM/Velbus is connected to the VMB1RS module.

What this interface does for a Velbus System include the following;

  • Allow Velbus devices to be controlled by telephone using a Voice Menu and also announces the status of devices by channel.
  • Allow Velbus devices to be controlled by Time Programs with Sunrise/Sunset times and Daylight saving time changes.
  • Allow Logic conditions based in alarm conditons and tiime to determine what is controlled, eg If Night Time and motion is detected, turn on a light, or when security system is armed to Away mode, switch off all lights or when there is an Intruder alarm switch on all lights.
  • Allows Velbus to be linked to other lighting systems like KNX, through the Comfort UCM/KNX Interface

More information can be found on the Comfort to Velbus forum at

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