Velbus Oled VMBGPODB display refresh

I recently bought some Velbus modules to get acquainted with them before installing in my new house.

What I noticed is that the OLED display seems to constanly refresh itself about every 15 secs. The content scrolls down and is replaced by the same content.
Is this a normal behaviour or a configuration error ?

Thx for reply

It’s normal.
It is the screensaver mode to protect the display.
If you want you can turn it of somewhere in the config.
In this case the screen becomes dark after 15 seconds.

This is the screensaver, and it is configurable in VelbusLink.

[ul]]Right-click your module in the Project Navigation tree and select Configure/:m]
]Open the Touch Panel -> Preferences tab/:m]
]Uncheck Enable the screensaver/:m][/ul]

Thanks for your help!