VelBus - plans for future "analog" modules?


I am considering the use of the Velbus solution for the domotic system of a new house, and I would like to know if there are plans to develop modules like light sensor, or maybe a general module that would take an analog input and do the DA conversion, or send a trigger when the sensed value is going below a certain programmed value?

My idea is to increase the functionalities of the system by hooking up a lightweight Linux system to the bus, which would act as a master module and could then apply different scenarios depending on time of the day, light,…

What are the plans for that?


At this time, there are no ‘analog’ designs in the pipeline, however, this does not mean that we will not introduce such devices in the future. All idea’s are welcome.

Thanks for the answer.

Do I guess correctly that your modules are using a specialized chip to interface with the CAN network?
If so it should be reasonably easy to connect a microcontroller-based circuit using the same chip.

The vmb1rs could be used, with a MAX232 to convert back to TTL levels, but it seems unnecessary step to go through RS232 while the CAN chip likely takes TTL level signals…

Can you tell what chip, or circuit, is used for the CAN interface?


We are using the Microchip PIC microcontroller , and CAN tranceivers for Microchip for
interfacing the CAN network.

I hope too there will be an analog module. I have seen that comap has temperature regulated valves (0/24V,off/on). So I can regulate the warm water for the heating of the rooms. And later on regulate the bath… :o) .
I want to buy the ‘UNIVERSAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR’ (VM132 or K8067)
and connect it on the velbus. Otherwise i’ll need tu use the K8055 (USB EXPERIMENT INTERFACE BOARD) .

So please, an analog module would be great…

Voor de geintereseerde voor de electronische chauffage kranen : … ocId=40646
ik denk dat ze het hier verkopen: