Velbus server


What exactly is the “Velbus server” that is due in 2019?

How important is Velbus to Google Home/Amazon Echo to you?

To begin with, its main functions will be:

  • USB/LAN gateway
  • IoT, protocol interface (“translation”/connection between Velbus protocol and other protocols - which exactly remains to be determined, and will be gradually expanded over time), API
  • tablet/smartphone control
  • NTP server
  • visual configuration of the Velbus system (especially for more complex functions like IF-THEN-ELSE, …)

Over time these will be extended/expanded and completed with others.


What will be the difference with the Home center solution by Stijnen?
Is worth waiting for or do you still need both or…?


Maybe the most important difference is that the new Velbus server will be designed, maintained and supported in-house by Velbus. Home Center is third party.
In any case, there is no need to have both.



Really excited about this, is there any possibility of getting early trial versions or getting involved in testing from a consumer end ?


Thank you for your interest, but at the moment we are testing closer by home so we can intervene rapidly if necessary and have more control over the process. Maybe in a later stage…



Let me know of you decide to extend, very keen to see this working :slight_smile:


What functions will be integrated compared to the Home Center from Stijnen Solutions?
For example the Sonos or integrated camera’s?

Is their any idea rising for communication with Somfy automated sun solutions?
As before the outdoor weather station, their were no hands-on solutions for automating sun screens etc.


At this point we cannot be much more specific than what I already mentioned above, I’m afraid.



What is the status of the ‘velbus server’.
I’m interested in installing it.

Thanks in advance,



Still under development, current expectations are to release a first version in May/June, but this can still change.