Velbus success stories

I use Velbus hardware for…

  • My own home/s or apartment/s
  • My business property
  • My customer’s homes and business properties.
  • Vehicles
  • Boats / ships
  • Visitor centers
  • Hotels & Leisure facilities
  • Offices
  • Other interesting projects
  • Anything I can

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Hello everyone,

I’m certain you all realise by now that I’m happy to bang on about how wonderful the team at Velbus are and just how amazing the Velbus hardware is, but I thought it might be nice to read about other people’s success stories.

Since I started working with Velbus in 2014 , I’ve had a surprisingly low amount of tech support conversations with a number of professional installers and a handful of end users.

However once they get over those small hurdles, I hardly hear from them, other than to place more orders.

Now I’m happy to assume that ‘No News is Good News’, but I thought it might be nice for other people who are doing research on hardware and software before taking the plunge to read a few success stories.

So please, if you have time, would some of you be kind enough to write a comment on here about your own good news stories.

For example, my own home has a selection of Velbus modules that control the 12 heating zones and various lighting fixtures, with a couple of DMX lighting fixtures and 2 VLC media players, with OpenRemote Pro picking up events on the Velbus network to trigger DMX & VLC events and providing the graphical user interface.

I have a client with 38 channels of lighting, 11 heating zones, a car turn table, garage door and some garden features all controlled with Velbus modules, with OpenRemote providing the control surface.

There’s also a large church with a function room and house, all controlled with Velbus and OpenRemote.

And a growing list of interesting projects around the country.

But what about you?
What have you used Velbus for and why should someone who is yet to take the plunge choose Velbus hardware?

Many thanks in advance.


The poll is completely anonymous.


I’m a little disappointed that no-one has added to this thread yet, as Velbus is an amazing technology and we really should be shouting about it more.

Day after day I read about people’s issues with other technologies, often with the same complaints about configuring or reliability.

So please, let’s all make a bigger noise about the fact that the technology that we have chosen "Just Works " :smile:

As an example,

I installed a big system in Ireland almost a year ago, which had Velbus as it’s backbone and other specialist technologies (air source heat pumps and heat recycling etc).

The quote from my client recently was…

“From day one, Velbus has just worked.
My family adapted to it really quickly and we all love it”

This client also discovered addressable LEDs, okay, he originally wanted boring white LED strips around his garden and lounge ceiling.

What we’ve installed is this :-

When it was all switched on and controllable from his Velbus panels, he simply said, “This is all beyond my wildest imaginations, thank you so much.
It can be everything from soft ambient lighting to a full on party. This has to be the best lighting in Ireland right now.”

As a result of this installation, Velbus now has a new champion in Ireland, as well as a new professional installer (a friend of the client).