Velbus support in OpenRemote Pro and above


Now that the latest Velbus modules are supported in OpenRemote Pro V1.3, I’d like to offer my assistance to any Velbus owner or installer who wants to use OpenRemote.

If you have specific Velbus configuration questions, then this forum is the best place to post your questions.

If you have questions relating to Velbus in OpenRemote, please take a look at the OpenRemote forum.

Between the two forums I’m certain you’ll get the answers you need to create the level of automation and control that your and your clients are looking for.

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NielsD asked in another topic if it were possible to create radial buttons in OpenRemote to set the thermostat modes in a glass panel.

It turned out to require a little effort in creating 4 virtual switches and some rules to keep everything in sync.

As a bonus, its possible to keep hundreds of panels in sync using these same rules.

The plain buttons at the bottom enabled me to check that if the glass panel’s temperature mode is changed (as if by a Velbus event) the radials will remain in sync.

The forum topic that goes into detail about how this is achieved can be found here :-

Update : Jan 2017

There is a new home for the OpenRemote how-to for Velbus, which can be found here