Velbus Switch and Sensor with Carlo Gavazzi controller

Hello I’m from Denmark, and are renovating an old house and looking into Smart Home systems.
I can’t find any electrians working with the Velbus system, and don’t know enought myself to begin a complette installation.
But I thing the switches and Sensors from Velbus look really nice with the frosted glass and back LED.
So my question is, if it’s possible to use Velbus switches with the Carlo Gavazzi controller system, I know both are a 2 wire bus system, but do they talk the same language?

I hope my question is Ok.


Unfortunately these two systems don’t speak the same protocol, as well as the Velbus products require 4 wires (+, -, H, L).

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Gavazzi is also 4 wire, + - and 2 data/bus.
Shame I can’t find anyone in Denmark that know Velbus


You’re welcome to connect remotely to a demo rig if you want to try your hand with VelbusLink.

I’m sure any installer of merit would be able to install the Velbus hardware for you.
There is very little difference in the full wiring topology of any control system.

If nothing else, it would be an interesting exercise to compare the overall costs :slight_smile:

Hi Kryster, we’ve done this kind of remote installation quite often in several European countries without problem. Just a matter to follow our wiring instructions, and we ship the fully readily cabled and pre-programmed cabinet so that you just need to plug in the wires in the right connector at the top of the cabinet, put 230VAC at the bottom, no need to dig into all the rest. Any electrician or private installer can do this…

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I was not satisfied with the demo I had of another brand, so I will contact Velbus and arrange how to proceed.

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