Velbus team : help ! VMB1RS and com management (RTS/CTS)

Hi Velbus team,

I’ve a customer who’s experimenting problem with my PB_Velbus-server.
My program show reception from network and reception from Velbus… but never response from Velbus to a network command.
It’s not with VMB1USB (I’ve many users without problem on these modules) but with VMB1RS.

I would to have confirmation :

  • 38400 bauds
  • no parity
  • 8 bits data
  • 1 stop bit
  • … handshake : no handshake or RTS/CTS mandatory ?

In the last case, my program must wait for a CTS and set RTS when wanting to transmit frame from Network to Velbus serial port ?


RTS needs to be high and DTR low, because the module needs the power supplied by RTS

That will fix your problem

Thanks for your help VEL448 ! :slight_smile: