Velbus VMB1TS sensor and "box"

Well, I don’t know what kind of box (BTicino or Niko) I should choose for the VMB1TS sensor… it takes half a place while a VMB1TC is 3 times larger!
I need to have 2 or 4 BP in the same box as VMB1TS: how can I do that?

Does BTicino have 2BP in 1 module (like UP/DOWN) for the VMB8PB module? (with the same design as VMB1TS)…

And what about the movement detector 1 module? only 230V or compatible with Velbus power supply?

Help… :blush:

1 sensor and the controller fit in a BTicino 4-module frame, however, it is better to use a larger frame or put the sensor elsewhere, otherwise the sensor might collect heat from the controller.
Movement detector BTicino L4432 needs 230VAC in but features a dry contact.

I use 4 module boxes from tichino for the PB module and a temp sensor in every room, havent found any problems with heat, but if you have got the space I would follow the advice given by VEL417.
Tichino does have double 1 module pushbuttons, I use 2 in a 2 module box for a total of 4 buttons. You can get the switches without buttons and get buttons with different symbols.