browsing trought this forum i’ve seen some people who are busy writing programs with flex.
I’m more for writing programs in visual basic and have done some testing for playing a mediaplayer playlist randomly.
But what i want to know is velleman interested in making

  1. analog to digital convertermodule (1 analog input on a small pcb for intergrating in a wallbox) where you can connect a PT100 and gives the result as a databyte?
  2. digital to analog convertermodule (1 output 0 to 10V output for putting on a dinrail?

I have these questions because i want the build my house with domotica where i can connect my central heating system by using 3 or 4way valves to powerup my radiators.

The 0 to 10V module is on our list of future products.
Sorry, no release date or specs.