VelbusConnect: new software


I’m a student of the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool located in Belgium in the city Antwerp.
This year I’ve been assigned to the task (project) to make a program that can communicate with the velbus.
After a year of development I managed to communicate with the velbus trough the COM port and implement some modules.
I’ve even made a kind of plan where you can control the modules.

You can find the source code and the executable in the download section on my site.
I’ve even written some guides to understand the code but they still are in Dutch.

The url to my site:

I’ve also made a tutorial video, you can find it on youtube:

When you run the program or view the code, you will see it doesn’t support all the modules yet.
And there are a lot of things that can made better.

So for the people who are interested, you can use the code and/or extend the program.

Here is a picture of the interface:

Great that you’re doing this for a school project :slight_smile:

Take a look at our Velbus library for .NET …

It uses a more solid object oriënted approach for communication with the Velbus

First I’ve tried it with my own code to connect to the COM port.
But after a while (when reading memory from the modules), I encountered a problem.
You can see it in topic: [
The solution was to use the velbuslib and it works just fine.

Now the year is over and I present to you the code and the program.

Congratulations on finishing your year and nice choice for a project :wink: