VelbusLink 10.9.2 popup ghost


Bij het afsluiten van popup vensters blijft er een ghost aflijning van het popup venster aanwezig tot ik het programma herstart.
PC draait op Win10 64bit.
Nog iemand dit probleem?


Yes, I hadn’t made the connection.

Yes, the same thing happens here a lot on VelbusLink 10.8.5

  • Andy

We hebben dit hier nog niet kunnen reproduceren. Gebeurt dit met een specifieke popup zoals synchronisatie of met eender welke popup in VelbusLink?

We have not been able to reproduce this here. Does this happen with a specific popup such as synchronization or with any popup in VelbusLink?

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Heb de indruk dat dit na synchronisatie gebeurt.

Seems to happen when I am adding actions.
Looks like it might be something to do with the help popup (box with info about the action that appears if the mouse pointer lurks over an action).
But I have so far not been able to make it happen on demand. It just happened but I am not quite sure what caused it. I will keep an eye out for more info.

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Screenshot attached here. You can get several ghosts (two here in this example).
It seems to be the 3D-shadows from underneath the floating help pop-ups when setting actions.

Thank you for the screenshot. It will be hard to reproduce here, but we will do a possible fix and post a new version here sometime soon.

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That’s great.
I have noticed that they stick around even in front of other programs… so when I pasted my screenshot into Paint, the shadows were there in front of that too.
And they do eventually seem to disappear by themselves.
I have not been able to make them come up on demand… but they do appear often when I am setting actions. I have so far not seen this happen working with my small test-rig, only when working on my live system (126 nodes, connected to laptop via WiFi).