When first run and load my project it tells me that to keep better track of changes it has needed to set all of my modules to unsynchronized.

OK… so, I CONNECT, then SCAN.
And now I should do a synchronize?
But should I READ or WRITE?

I hope READ… because that is what I did:-)
Everything looks OK I think. Just checking.

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Yeah, you should read out the installation completely. We’re doing so, so we know exactly what your module has. This should ensure extra stabilization. We will change the message in the upcoming release to mention that you should read all the modules.

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Velbus link 11.1.1 wants to update firmware of VMBVP01 from 1817 to 1817.
After running update, message is still there.

Any reason why?

We’ll take a look. For now, you don’t need to upgrade to the same firmware version. (It should be OK if the firmware is flashed once)