VelbusLink 8.1 and synchro?

Since VelbusLink 8.1, I’ve problem with programming VMB4PD.

  1. I change configuration (ie. Button4 = Dimmer 25%, change Button4 = Dimmer 40%)
  2. I click Synchronize
  3. I click Write (module is auto-selected)
  4. I push my button… no change (dimmer still 25%)

I would to know if I’ve to select the dimmer module too ? or what I’ve to do to obtain my new program…

For information, I’ve tried with 2 other WMB4PD especially my VMB4PD MASTER : Button4 = CloseALL (OFF for all relays). I try to Close ALL but not Christmas plug. I remove Christmas plug from the VMB4PD list (synchronize and write)… unfortunely, Button4 still close this plug.

An other information : I’ve tried direct connection (COM4) and through Velbus server (ethernet). The two way give the same result.

Any idea ?

You need to synchronize the ‘subject’ of an action, in this case a dimmer/relay

It is your dimmer/relay that knows which button it needs to react to

Well VelbusLink 7 was able to automaticaly synchronize both modules.
With VelbusLink 8, I’ve to select manually other modules :frowning:

Why this function hasn’t been kept ?

Because it didn’t work correctly