VelbusLink 8 and VMB2BL actions?

I need to be sure about functions. VelbusLink show 5 actions for Blinds :

  1. Roll UP

  2. Roll UP immediately

  3. Roll DOWN

  4. Roll DOWN immediately

  5. Roll UP/DOWN

On my blinds (Bubendorff), 1 and 3 are :

  1. start roll UP. An other click on 1) do nothing. A click on 3) stop the blind. A second click on 3) start roll DOWN

For function 2 and 4 (immediately) :
2) start roll UP. An other click on 2) do nothing. A click on 4) start roll DOWN. Not possible to choose an intermediate position for blink

For function 5 (Up/Down) :
Best way to use only one button : 5) roll UP, second click = Stop, third click roll DOWN, 4th click STOP… etc

Am I right ?

:bulb: I think that Velbus link help should be more complete or an “info-bulle” should be added to help customers.

See page 13 of the VMB2BL … k_rev2.pdf

What you described seems to be pretty correct :slight_smile:

A 100+ page VelbusLink manual is currently being written, it will probably be incorporated in VelbusLink 8.3

Oh good ! VelbusLink 8 is graphically good but needs some enhancement… like documentation and translation.
If you need help for this last point (translation) I could help you in french (however, I’ve understood you’re in belgium, no ?)

By the way, is it possible to have min and max value for heat management temp sensors AND possibility to reset these value ?